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Ajagbe Apartments is Available for Subscribers

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

*INVESTMENT DELIGHT* Every serious investor looks for a better way to maximize

his earnings. At Asgaf Homes Limited, we plan better ways to get you a higher investment portfolio in Real Estate industry with a suite for all plan. From our promises ... We are bringing to you another opportunity to become a landlord and get a higher value for your money...

*Continue to read....* We have the mandate to develop a vacant land and make use of it for 20years in return for our construction cost. Sequel to this, we solicit for funding through the Asgaf Homes Real Estate Investment trust.

Project Description: 11 units of 1bedroom flat apartments

Project Location: Sangotedo – Ajah, Lagos State

Investment Period: 20years

Investment cost: N4,000,000:00 (four million Naira Only) per unit

Projected Annual Income: N500,000:00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only) subject to 10-20% rent increment every 5years.

Return on Investment: Average Total Revenue – Average Cost of investment / Cost of Investment;

{(N500,000 x 20years) – N4,000,000 / N4,000,000} x 100

= {N10,000000 – N4,000,000 / N4,000,000} x 100

={ N6,000,000 / N4,000,000} x 100

= 150%

With the above stated terms, it means you would have recouped your investment capital within 8years and the remaining 12years will be your accumulated profits on your investment.

Mode of Subscription

  • · In other to participate, each prospective subscriber is expected to deposit a minimum 10% of the unit(s) share to get allocated.

  • · 40% before the commencement of the project by 1st of April, 2021.

  • · 30% on or before 31st of June, 2021

  • · 20% on or before 30th of September 2021

Size Analysis:

  • Living Room - 11ft x 10ft

  • Bedroom - 10ft x 9ft

  • Kitchen - 6ft x 5x

  • Toilet - 5ft x 5ft


  • 1 bedroom apartments (miniflats)

  • Ensuit rooms with visitor toilet

  • Workable distance to the Lekki-Epe Express within 5min

  • full POP ceiling

  • Good road network

  • Steady power supply and good water system


  • Novare Shoprite

  • Sangotedo market

  • Safeway hospital

  • Eti-Osa Health center

Landmark: Nero water

By now, you should be thinking of whether to buy the idea or to let go... Anyways 🤷‍♂ the choice is actually yours. ...Click here to subscribe

#asgafhomes ... your home solution LLC Don't forget to share with your contacts... Cheers 🥂


> Will I get my initial investment back after 20years?

Ans: No, your initial Investment capital is the cost price of the unit you subscribed for. Hence, the revenue you get yearly is the cost plus profit.

> Is the property a rent to own?

Ans: No, the property is a rental investment and a way to get a passive income. Meaning that you will collecting the rent on the unit you have subscribed for (you are a landlord to your unit)

> Can I buy the property after 20years

Ans: No, the property is a development agreement between the company the land owner. Hence the property goes back to the land owner.

> Do I have to participate in the construction and management?

Ans: No, the company facilitates the project from construction to management and charges 5% management fee on your annual income.

> Can I withdraw my investment

Ans: Yes, you can withdraw your investment by given a six month notice to the management. Your share will be sold and you will get back the total investment minus the cost of period used at N200,000 per annum. You can as sell your intrest to the public at whatever price and the new buyer continues the usage

> I don’t have up to 4million naira, how can I benefit?

Ans: with 1million naira, you can co-own a unit share and earn a minimum income of N125,000 per year. Same rulings apply.

> What are the risks attached to this investment?

Ans: The risks are: vacancy rate and payment delay by occupants. Of which it is the sole responsibility of the facility management to control this to the barest minimum.

> Will the property be insured?

Ans: Yes, the property is planned to be under Islamic Insurance policies with Noor Takaful Insurance Limited.

> What legal documents do I have to back up my investment

Ans: All subscribers will get a deed of sublease to back up the investment for the period

> Do you have a referrer bonus?

Ans: yes, we pay 2% of the share value as referrer bonus

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